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Here at Jones & Sons Removals, we can provide domestic, commercial, and industrial removals to the highest level in the area.

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With over 20 years of experience, our team will deliver efficient and reliable removals in Guildford.

Every service we provide is carried out by our family-run team, that are professionally trained and qualified to transport your belongings efficiently and safely. When conducting our services, we ensure all of your property is correctly wrapped and stored, preventing any damages to your fragile belongings.

Not only do we offer outstanding removal services, but we can also help clients with storage requirements, and home clearance services, here at Jones and Sons Removals we can do it all!

We are dedicated to providing fast, affordable and highly dependable removals in Guildford.

Our family-run business will always display a dedicated attitude, ensuring all our domestic and commercial removals in Guildford and carried out to the highest quality possible. We are always prepared to deliver quality results no matter the size of the removal service, ensuring all removals are conducted on time and efficiently.

From start to finish, here at Jones and Sons Removals, we make sure every service is carried out to a professional standard, guaranteeing all our clients quality results.

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What do we offer?

Extended list of what we can provide...

  • Commercial Solutions
  • Office Removals
  • Long distance removals
  • Flat Removals
  • house removals
  • House Clearances

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