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Learn more about our removals in Guildford.

We are here to help you relocate, clear a property, store times and safely transport your belongings.

From efficient removal services to highly secure storage solutions, here at Jones & Son, we can help any need! If you are a client in need of home removal services, house clearance, storage solution or something more bespoke, our dedicated team are the best choice for you! With years of experience and a wealth of knowledge, we provide quality solutions that will make your moving process easy.

House Clearances

Does your home need to be cleared? We work with homeowners and family members to provide a dependable house clearance service in Guildford. We know that house clearances are sometimes required under upsetting circumstances and work with care and respect to make the process as easy as it can be.

We will remove and clear any required items and ensure as much is recycled as possible.

Removal Services

From start to finish, our team of knowledgeable professionals will use the correct methods for packaging and loading your belongings. We show care with all your goods, ensuring safe travels throughout.

With dedicated planning and a carefully organised schedule, our team of professionals can help you with removal needs. We operate with efficiency and care to ensure the entire process is smooth from start to finish.

Commercial Services

If you have an office space or a large commercial building in need of quality removals and clearances, then our team is perfect for you! We can conduct large removals, transporting equipment and furniture safely and reliably all across Haslemere.

Do you need our help with a removal Guilford?

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